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Quick Internet Security Application List

Posted by Sean McCall on December 22, 2010 at 1:04 PM

---The Best---

Symantec 2011:  Norton Internet Security         6-2                   2009

F-Secure 2011:  Internet Security                        5-2-1               2010 EDIT:  SLOWER

Kaspersky 2011:  Internet Security                     6-2                   (3)$a

AVIRA 10:  Premium Secruity Suite                     2-6                   2008


ESET NOD32 4.2:  Smart Security                      5-3                    (5)$b EDIT:  LACKS

G DATA 2011:  Internet Secruity                           3-4-1                (6)$c EDIT:  SLOWER

BitDefender 2011:  Internet Secruity                   4-4                    SLOWER

?eScan                                                                     4-2-2                SLOW!

avast! 5.0:  Internet Secruity                                  3-4-1                (9)$c EDIT:  LACKS


?Microsoft                                                                4-2-2                 FREE!

?McAfee                                                                    3-3-2                (11)$ EDIT:  LACKS


?TrustPort                                                                1-3-4                 SLOWER

AVG 10.0:  Internet Security                                   0-5-3                SLOWER

Panda 2011:  Internet Security                              N/A                   (14)

PC Tools 2010:  Internet Security                         N/A                   (15) EDIT:  SLOWER

?Sophos                                                                   1-3-2 (-2)         (16)


?K7                                                                             N/A                   (17)

Trend Micro 2011:  Titanium Internet Security    N/A (-2)           (18) EDIT:  SLOWER

---Total Crap---

Norman 8.0:  Secruity Suite Pro                            0-1-3 (-4)        (19)

Kingsoft 2011:  Internet Secruity Plus                  1-0-2 (-5)        (20)

This is just a copy/paste from a quick Notepad run-down I was doing while reading data from http://www.av-comparatives.org.  I was going to make an article until I found out Norton was doing great the last 2 years.  I've been using avast! Free antivirus, so I'm not sure exactly how it compares here, but most of these don't appear to have free versions other than Avira being in the top, I may be switching.  I've heard great things about MSE, but there wasn't any recent data on it.  I'll certainly take the time later to put all this in a table, but at the moment, what I really have to say is this:  In the world of Internet Security software, the balance of competion and effort being put into these programs looks better than ever.  It could also be because XP and IE6 are FINALLY disappearing from dominance, 3rd party browsers are becoming more popular and Java and Adobe are making changes in how often they update, and how they update... ok, mostly Adobe is, but Java is bound to get fixed by Oracle right?

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