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Posted by Sean McCall on June 22, 2011 at 3:31 PM

I've noticed this site is becoming less of a trial-run venture and more of a professional eye-sore. That being said, I want to redo just about everything or move somewhere else. Webs still meets my needs, but that might quickly change. I'd like to start recording tutorials (Perhaps with CamStudio, I'm currently tweaking with it again) on how to use the apps in the Download section & upload them to my Youtube channel, which is also in the same state as the site. I also need to recreate the Facebook Connect log-in since after deactivating my account for a week, it seems to have broken that.

Now, if I do move, I think I will be using WordPress and I'll definitely find a better way present the Downloads section so that descriptions are present. I'd very much like to use the APIs provided by Alternativeto.net to accomplish this. (I fear that's gonna be pretty difficult) I think I'd also like to use SMF forums, since they're familiar to me, but if that starts complicating a single log-in, I'll use another that will. I also might start using Ustream again since I have a new webcam, but I don't have decent internet service at the moment. (Using the neighbors) If I did, I'd come up with an episode format, have a dedicated IRC channel & upload all recordings to Youtube.

I know this all sounds fine & dandy, but it's also things I've considered before, but I didn't manage to make happen. For now everything is in the air, and the main thing that could be useful is support and/or people who'd like to join in. In a way, that'd be the easiest option for me as well. I wouldn't mind joining up with a group that has all this figured out. That wouldn't totally kill of my own pursuits, but it would fulfill some of them to a degree.

I think for now I'll try my hand at everything & record while it happens. Maybe that way others can learn from it too. That's kinda the new core idea for the site anyway, being a standby free tech support solution doesn't really sell so to speak.

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